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hi house 😂

20 random facts about me 😁

1. Marjorie Tulabing Llorca, Marjorie bc my mom was a majorette before lol.
2.People call me “Majoy” and i like it 😂
3.November 21, 1996 (17 yrs of existence)
4. I LOVE ANIMALS and mostly dogs!!! ❤️❤️❤️
5. They say im a moody person. 😂 lol haha
6. Taking Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration :-)
7. I dont have a good voice but i love singing and believe it or not im a member of EAC chorale and soprano ehem lol haha
8. I super love books!! Like, i can finish a book in just 1 day =)))
10. When i have nothing to do, i recycled things and i like doing D-I-Y things (weird) HAHA
12. Coffees everyday 💞
13. Gimme any kind of sweets and i’ll love u 5ever.
13. Inlove wt a fictional character huhuz
14. Seriously, im a talkative person! (SnS)
15. Daddy’s girl! 💖
16.i love history and i hate math!
17. Peanut butter/nutella & banana addict forever 💛
18. Im scared to those who are baliw and sa clowns (sort of) nad frogs 😭
19. I have a birthmark on my right side face and they’ve always mistaken it as a dirt lol 😭😭😂
20. Giving up is not in my vocabulary but this person made me realize that sometimes i should also give up to those who are not worthy of it. 😊

his voice makes me weak ahhhhhh sml! ♥♥♥♥♥

DIY Chokers ✨😍


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"You were the hardest lesson I ever had to learn."

My Ten Word Story (via soulsscrawl)


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marjorie. 17 yrs of existence.| well im too rad to be sad. :-)

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